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Funding and Withdrawals

How do I request a securities transfer?

If you need to request securities transfer, please contact your account manager, or contact us at with the following information:

  • Security name
  • Security ISIN

Please note, that we can only transfer cash securities, such as stocks, ETFs, and bonds.

How do I fund my account?

You can find full wiring instructions here.

Full wiring instructions will also be provided to you with your account details once you complete your account opening.

Additionally, you can request full funding details via email by contacting us at

How long does it take to book funds to my account?

If you’re transferring from BoG bank account, it normally takes 1 business day to fund your account. If you’re transferring from another Georgian bank account, it normally takes 1-2 business days to fund your account. From an international account, funding can take up to 5 business days.

Please ask for a copy of the SWIFT from your remitting bank if funds are not received within five business days and send the SWIFT message to We will investigate and get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I withdraw funds?

For withdrawal of funds, please contact your account manager or email us at with the following details:

  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Bank Account Number / IBAN

If you’re transferring to BoG bank account, it normally takes 1 business day. If you’re transferring to another Georgian bank account, it normally takes 1-2 business days. From an international account, transfer can take up to 5 business days.

Please note, after closing positions, proceeds received can be transferd out of account only after the Value Date (usually T+2).

Please note, that Galt & Taggart does not support third party transfers.

What is the minimum and maximum amount for account funding?

You can fund your account with minimum 1,000 USD and no limitations on maximum amount.

How do I transfer funds between sub-accounts?

To request a transfer between sub-accounts, please email us the transfer request at (Galt & Taggart Sales) with the following information:

  • Account you wish to transfer funds from
  • The receiving sub-account
  • The amount to transfer

Transfer normally takes 1 business day.

There is no transfer fee, however a 0.5% conversion fee applies. The conversion fee is charged by using the mid-spread FX Spot rate at the time of transfer, plus/minus 0.5%.

Can I perform cash transfers in a currency other than my account currency?

If you transfer funds in a different currency from the account currency of your G&T Trader account, your funds will be automatically accepted & converted to the appropriate currency of your account at the current conversion/FX rate (using the mid-spread FX Spot rate at the time of conversion, plus/minus 0.5%), which will be non-refundable. To avoid any unnecessary currency conversions, please make sure to request opening relevant currency accounts for your G&T Trader account before making wire transfer. Any conversion already carried out on your funds will not be reversed.

Does Galt & Taggart issue credit/debit cards?

Galt & Taggart does not provide traditional banking services and does not issue credit or debit cards to its clients.

What are the costs of transferring securities with Galt & Taggart?

How much does a securities transfer cost?
The transfer of stocks and bonds into Galt & Taggart custody is performed free of charge. Furthermore, Galt & Taggart allows clients to use their stocks and bonds portfolio as collateral for margin trading.

When transferring securities out of your account, the following exit fees are charged:

  • DK Stocks - EUR 25 per ISIN (max. EUR 100)
  • Other Stocks - EUR 50 per ISIN (max. EUR 160)

How long does a securities transfer take?
The timing of securities transfers may vary depending on the counterparty, security and market. In general, you can expect a transfer to be complete within 1 week.

Can I withdraw funds from my trading account directly to my bank card?

Galt & Taggart does not offer the ability to transfer funds directly to a bank card. However, you can perform cash transfers to the bank account to which the card is linked by contacting your account manager or emailing us at

Please read "How do I withdraw funds?" above for more information.

When transferring securities at which price will the securities be booked?

When transferring securities into Galt & Taggart, you or your brokerage (from which you are transferring securities) back office must provide booking price (usually original buying price). If no price provided, shares will be booked at market price at time of booking.

For transfer OUT, securities are always booked at market price unless you provide your new broker with original buying price.

How long does it take to transfer my securities?

Once you have requested the security transfer you need to make sure to give authorization to your bank and provide them with all necessary documents for the transfer, as the actual time to complete the process will vary depending on the speed with which your bank responds and complies with our request.

Given that all of the above is met, transfer normally takes 1 week.

Can I use my funds before the value date?

When you send funds to your account, it is possible to use them before the value date. Funds become available immediately for further operations as soon as they appear in your Transactions not booked under Account details - click the information i icon on the right side from account number.

The amount booked will move from Transactions not booked to Cash available on the following day.

Please note that the use of cash before value date will have an impact on the interest calculation as interest is calculated on the value dated cash balance and not posting date (value date and posting date of a cash transaction are visible in your account statement).

In case you have negative free equity on the account, you will be charged negative interest.

What is withdrawals processing time in Galt & Taggart?

Withdrawal can be made within 1 business day of value day.

The value date may vary due to the following reasons:

  • Incorrect payment details provided (for example, a mismatch between IBAN and account number)
  • Full withdrawal may require fee calculation as well as closure and settlement of open positions
  • Unsettled transactions
  • Correspondent Banks’ handling time

Why does it take so long to receive my funds?

When transferring funds across borders or in a foreign currency there are typically several parties involved. Unfortunately, on rare occasions, it can happen that funds get stuck with any of the parties involved, which can cause a delay, before funds reach the final beneficiary account.

Below you can find the illustration of the typical flow and the parties typically involved with a cross border transfer or a transfer in a foreign currency.

Remitter (Galt & Taggart Client) >> Galt & Taggart >> Corresponding Bank of Galt & Taggart >> Corresponding Bank of Galt & Taggart's Corresponding Bank >> Corresponding Bank of Receiving Bank >> Receiving Bank >> Beneficiary

Why did I not receive the full transfer amount?

When transferring funds across borders or in a foreign currency, there are typically several parties involved (please refer to the "Why does it take so long to receive my funds?" question above for more information). Each party might charge a handing fee for processing the transfer.

Galt & Taggart does not charge for online withdrawals, however the remittance fees might be charged by the correspondent banks and/or the receiving bank.

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